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Lady Laurel Kay Pendragon
18 September 1983
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I'm Laurel. A 26 year old college grad living in Harrisburg PA, working part time for the public library. I've been married to kithpendragon for about 5 years, but we lived together for 5 years prior to that and HONESTLY there was no difference when we signed the bit of legal paper. Except that the NY DMV hassled me about changing my name.

I graduated college with a BA in Latin American Studies, which is a generally useless degree. (I wrote my senior thesis on Piracy in the Caribbean and the usefulness of pirate ships to marginalized society.) I am currently a part time public library employee and spend my "free" time making a wide variety of art and crafts, walking (now letterboxing) and shocking people with my odd outfits. I have held many varied jobs in the past, including zoo intern, nature councilor at Chautauqua Institution, Renaissance costume seamstress, waitress, omelette chef, data entry clerk, Bath and Body Works retail slave, framing specialist and a digital photographer at the attractions in Hershey PA.

This journal used be a character journal but it was all moved over to 40theives which gets updated sporadically.

I LOVE friends and comments. Feel free to leave comments and question answers!

You can also see my current reading list at pendragon_books and my current craft projects at Thependragonseye crafts Blog.