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The Friday Five for 30 October 2015

Originally posted by ariestess at The Friday Five for 30 October 2015

  1. Do you like going to haunted houses?

  2. How do you tell a good witch from a bad witch?

  3. What are you carving into a pumpkin this year?

  4. What's your favorite candy?

  5. Do you have a halloween costume this year?

1. In general, no.  I dislike being startled.
2. You probably can't.  It's a complicated issue anyway.
3. Squid!
4. Ummmm.....
5. Pooh Bear!

donation record

Donated 1 hat and 2 blankets to hospital.
Mm donated 2 pairs mittens and one scarf.

YTD total: 16 items
* Ben Franklin Life and Legacy museum. www.nps.gov/inde
* Independence Park: "in summer acrs in 18th century costumes roam this area" www.historicphiladelphia.org
* Philadelphia Museum of Art and Perelman Building (textile collection) www.philamuseum.org (pay what you want 1st Sundays)
* Academy of Natural Sciences www.ansp.org
* Shofuso japanese garden and tea house www.shofuso.com
* Franklin Institute www.fi.edu
* King of Prussia Mall: letterbox at the Lego Store and Tesla Motors.
* Philly Magic Gardens (allows photography)

* reading terminal market (Check!)
*Franklin Fountain (historical soda fountain) www.franklinfountain.com  (also "a few doors down" - Shane Candies www.shanecandies.com)
*Frommers says: Best Sushi at Zento www.zentocontemporary.com ; best Israeli at Zahav www.zahavrestaurant.com; Dim Sum at Ocean Harbor or Dim Sum Garden (check!) ; Local beer at Monk's Cafe www.monkscafe.com, Nodding Head Brewery www.noddinghead.com and Standard Tap www.standardtap.com
* Federal Donuts
* Yards Brewery: 901 N. Delaware Avenue. FREE BREWERY TOURS ON WEEKENDS: Saturdays & Sundays 12 to 4pm

Places to take FiL for Photos:
* Your Move "Daniel Marinez's colossal game pieces" located actoss from city hall - Broad St and JFK Blvd.
* Tiffany's Dream Garden Mural in Washington Square


* Wissahickon Valley Park, Kitchen Lane, Philadelphia, PA

2015 Goals successes!

* Donated 10 baby hats to the hospital.
* Got a couples massage.  Loved the spa.  Think perhaps massages aren't my thing.

* Award Winning Meringue Mushrooms!

  • My Phoenix from this fall placed third.

  • My tatted mask took 2nd, and my tatted bookmark took 4th.

  • My Mom’s quilted wall hangings took a first(!) and a third.

  • My father-in-law took two 5th place prizes for phototgraphy.

2015 Goals!

In 2015, the Pendragon House theme is Warm Clothing.

101 Things!  (For varying values of 101.)

* Donate 52 Hats to Lancaster General
* Knit at least 1 sweater.
* Winter OWL: Learn to knit colorwork with 2 pairs of socks for Kith.
* Enter Things in the Etown Fair

* Couples massage.
* Revamp wardrobe.  Get rid of old things and things that don't fit.  Refill as necessary.  Locate good black dress to add to wardrobe.

* Read 52 books.
* Finish moving books from old LJ to Goodreads.

* Auto Museum in Hershey
* Hershey Theater spotlight tour
* Martin Guitars
* Justborn/Peeps Factory
* Crayola Museum
* PA State Museum

* Philly Zoo
* At least one Philly Museum
 - http://www.japanesehouse.org/ Shofuso Japanese Garden and Teahouse
 - Longwood Gardens

* Harrisburg: Wildwood volksmarch
* Manheim Volksmarch
* Lancaster Volksmarch (downtown or west)
* York: Shoehouse volksmarch


Donation Record

2014 final donation
17 hats, 3 blankets

2014 Total: 46 baby hats, 18 Blankets


Donation Record

2014 drop off #2:
at Lancaster General
16 baby hats
10 blankets

(Total so far: 29 baby hats, 15 Blankets)


Donation record

2014 drop off #1:
at Lancaster General
13 baby hats (various sizes)
5 blankets (2 round, 3 square)


Letter Home, Spring 2014

Hello Everyone!
(I don't remember the last time I sent one of these out, so I apologize if any of you feel out of the loop.  I'll try to do better!)
We here at Pendragon House have had a very snowy winter.  (Linda keeps joking that she brought it with her from upstate NY.)  But we've also had a good time in our new house.  Our gas fireplace has seen a lot of use - we've really enjoyed it!    We've hosted several gatherings and have been pleased with the hosting capabilities of our big living/dining room.  We put up a birdfeeder outside the front windows and Catherine has been spending all of her time yelling at birds.
Kith and I have spent all of our money on dentistry this winter - he's had several cavities filled and I had my wisdom teeth out this past week.  But on the plus side, we've found a good dentist right here in town that we like!
We've all spent lots of time with our favorite crafts this winter: Kith has carved a bunch of new stamps; Linda and I both worked on quilting and knitting.  We've joined a wonderful crafting group that meets at a local coffee shop after being introduced by a neighbor who came to our open house in December.  This spring, Linda and I are teaching a Pysanki egg dying class at the local historical museum!
I hope you have all been well and haven't been snowbound too much!


101 things, 2013, Mid year visit.

~Some things are fine planned for the whole year - like reading. But lots of things change over the year, and so I need to plan to revisit the list more often. Re Evaluate goals after each HPHC Term. Mark clear failures and make additions and changes. I'm a bit late, but I am revisiting.
~Remember Ravenclaw: Work Smarter not Harder. This is still important.

So: Major Life changes occurring.  We're officially Buying A House.  Closing (hopefully) in August.  This will make some big changes to this List.  Bolded Items were original list.  Regular text is commentary and updates.

Be Girly

  • buy appropriate and new undergarments.

  • Visit Sephora

  • learn to put on eyeshadow (EVERYDAY EYE)

  • learn to put on busher (BLUSH & BRONZE)

  • learn to put on lipstick (PERFECT LIPS)

  • This entire section is cancelled.  The Sephora store was not where I thought it was, and more important things have come up.


  • read 50 books from my To Read List.

  • Read 50 new (or new to me) Children's books.

  • Too Difficult to Track.  GoodReads is tracking a goal of 100 books for the year.


  • Create New Resume Still important.  Moreso, now.

  • Play games in Public. (Flash Gaming?) Gamer's Guild counts?  I'm calling this one done.

  • list cds on amazon or sell to used store

  • list books on amazon or give to book sale. Done!

  • Mortgage will need pay stubs, bank statements and tax returns. Clean book shelf and organize appropriately (folders? Boxes?) partially organized.  Needs further work.

  • move "read books" from Old LJ (http://pendragon-books.livejournal.com) to Goodreads acct. Started.  Needs further work.


  • Visit Landis Valley Museum

  • Visit Ephrata Cloister

  • Visit 5 Museums or Tours.

  • Go to the Zoo.

  • This may turn into a Fall exploration of Lancaster with Mom.  Revisit in September or so.

Get Active

  • Presidential fitness challenge Not worth tracking.  Cancelled.

  • Run From Zombies Have discovered that I Walk from Zombies.  Updated goal - complete season two.

  • Go Ice Skating

  • Go Kayaking

Subsection: Get Prepared

  • locate and purchase sports bra Done!  Have several.

  • locate and purchase running shoes Done!  Purchased two pairs of Merrill Dash Gloves, which are wonderful.

  • Research running/walking techniques Did not discover anything exciting.

  • track food and activity level (my fitness pal?) Done!  FitBit One.


  • Try 10 new (to me) restaurants. have been to one.  Bull's Head in Lititz.  Expect more of this will happen this fall.

Subsection: Cook!

  • Bake 12 different kinds of cookies Done 3 so far.  Still plan on continuing.

  • Bake Bread Cancelled - passed off to Kith.

  • Make Dinner (in it's entirety) 12 times completed!  Discovered Joys of Slow cooker and Freezer.


  • Knit socks. Done!

  • 52 charity hats 20 completed so far.  Intend to complete over the year.

Subsection: Fiber!

  • Meet 5 different breeds of fiber producer

  • Spin 5 different types of fiber

  • Knit or crochet with 5 types of spun fiber.

  • Dye: fiber, spun fiber and knit fiber.

  • Subsection Cancelled.  Failing to keep track, and finding hard to sort into HPHC classes.  Most of it will likely get done anyway, and doesn't need to be on the goals list.

Accomplish Moving.  Revisit smaller goals in the Fall.

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